Go Full-swing Digital: Three trends to adopt for your business in 2020 (…If you haven’t yet done so)

The popular saying ‘Time waits for no man’ is easy to dismiss until it plays out right before your eyes. I mean, who would believe that the much-anticipated year 2020 set as the target-year for many global initiatives can creep up on us so quickly?

Just like it was at the start of the new millennium (back in the year 2000), the anticipation currently trailing the year 2020 is indeed on a grand scale. With the expected NASA expedition to Mars in preparation for human habitation on the planet, we can only be hopeful that more groundbreaking developments will surface in future years.

On a lighter note, the year is a noteworthy one for Nigerians because of the popular Vision 2020 in which the country was to hypothetically emerge as one of the leading economies of the world.

While that progress remains to be seen, great objectives are not only met but also being surpassed much to our delight.

One of such fields is in the development of technology and its interface with human activities. In the area of digital marketing, for one, there is an impressive momentum with which we are making discoveries and implementing them for higher productivity and swifter results.

In this article, we’ll be considering some of these new additions to what we already know about the marketing of goods, services and other billable production.

So, at this point, it’s no news that the convention of traditional marketing continues to give way as e-commerce takes centre stage.

Today, it is possible to run merchandise without physically handling your products. Having a walk-in store when you can do without one accrues needless expenses. With the advent of marketing models like dropshipping and affiliate marketing, you can certainly bypass that overhead cost. Interestingly, startup experts prioritize other factors over ‘Rent’ when it comes to starting your business.

It is not surprising that formulating a viable business idea, product development, sorting out the legalities, avenues for funding, and team-building take precedence over the place where your business will operate from.

Now that we agree that the setting of objectives and its execution is most important for your business, let’s discuss three potentially productive trends you want to follow for better results in the coming year.

Voice Search: Not one to use your Google assistant when initiating a search? Well, think again, because it is estimated that by 2020, 50% of all internet users will make use of the voice search feature for their search queries. This is particularly interesting because it’s not 2020 yet, but the ease that comes with just mouthing the words of what you want without having to type them out is nothing short of a miracle. (Text-to-speech is a blessing, right?) So, don’t take Siri, Alexa and other simulated voices for granted.


They can help simplify your potential customers’ efforts to find you out among the crowd of competitors. With more knowledge of user intent, consumer psychology and search history, the quality of service of these digital assistants continues to upgrade. You can optimize your blog or website for high speed, and FAQs that address possible questions that people may want to know more about. You can achieve this by answering the question as you would in an informal conversation (because they’ll be asking the questions by voice, it’s going to be more raw and natural in expression than when it would have been typed out). 

Chatbots: Imagine this scenario: It’s 9 a.m on a Saturday, and you’ve just registered a complaint on a delayed order. You placed the order for a pretty little pair of shoes for your niece’s birthday, and the D-day is tomorrow! Okay, so it’s an emergency, cos you didn’t make the purchase earlier. But there seems to be some unexplainable lagging you can’t fathom. The site says 24-hour response, yet all you’ve gotten so far is that annoying, automated response you’re sure had been pre-programmed to respond. However, the truth is that the store is run in a different time zone from yours.


While this is better imagined than experienced, it simply shows you how we’re not yet able to conquer the many natural unforeseen circumstances as someone sleeping by 2:15 a.m in their timezone (Lol). And that’s what developers are working to navigate. As research is ongoing, chariots have continued to show more prospect as they can now handle more user-specific and complex requests than they previously could. As a business owner, this means you can go to bed (pun intended) knowing that potential correspondence is possible even without your intervention.

Featured snippets: This is not a music album but it definitely permits a level of exposure in the same way. A while back, the buzz-statement in digital marketing was “The best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google.” While that can come with chilling thought, it simply meant that little attention goes to whatever does not make the first page and so competition for the hallowed slots in Google’s page one became fiercer. Brands vied for higher ranking; yet, even Google’s page one is now getting a run for its money from what people are calling page zero. That part about hiding the dead body can easily be true because with each passing day, people’s attention span continually reduces. Featured snippets are the very first set of entries shown in a rectangular box just beneath the search bar. They also have a high similitude with the search query that the internet user initiates.

How to make the much-coveted top spot? 

Provide content that directly answers the question so much that the needed information is already in the snippet. That leaves the option of visiting your site of the web user needs to learn more beyond the already-provided answers.

So, if you have not been making use of these features so far, then it’s time to start. Set the ball rolling on these simple and innovative ways to increase productivity, reduce needless efforts, and get the best possible results running your business in a digitized world.

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