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How to Design a Website for Beginners

It’s no gainsaying that we live in an interconnected world. In this century, communication and interaction have become easier, more than ever before. In fact, the world is now referred to as a ‘global village’. Do you know any other name that’s more accurate?

Following the rise of computers, mobile phones, and other gadgets that technology has blessed us with today, the ‘traditional’ ways of doing things have since given way to the the ‘new’.

One of such new ways in interaction is the use of websites. With websites, you can showcase your brand, communicate your objectives and ultimately attract customers to purchase your products and services.

However, having a website can do much more for you depending on the primary goal for which you built the website.

Now, because the internet is the hero of the moment, it’s only normal for everyone to ride on its wings.

Having as much as 3.5 billion online users all over the world is great news for any business in today’s world. Then, imagine what it means for such a business when 52.2% of all online users visit websites through their mobile phones! Amazeballs!

Despite these amazing figures, it’s still very possible for a business not to get seen by the right people. We can bet what’s on your mind right now: ‘How possible is that?’

Well, having a website is more than just spreading your contact details, product information or pictures of your service all over the internet.

While all these are definitely important, that’s not all there is to building a website. Trust us when we say there’s a lot more.

As a startup business, you want to cut costs and maximize every penny that comes in. Of course, that’s great, because even when the big bucks start to roll in, wasting money is never an option.

So, how do you save that cash on web development? By building your website from scratch!

Don’t be scared. With easy-to-use website builders like webnode, you can create your own website in minutes. All you need to do is follow the instructions and voila! Your website is ready to roll.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or a beginner, this simple guide will help you build your website in no time.

  1. Understand the purpose of your website: When you know what you need, then, you can build a website that suits your objective. Do you want an online portfolio to showcase your works or a blog to share new content about your brand?
  2. Content Management System: CMS refers to the system responsible for control and support of digital content. This is what makes the updating of your website with new content, removal or modification of old content possible.
  3. Choose a domain name: Just like you live in a house that’s located on a street, the domain name of your website is the address that helps internet users to identify and locate your website online. Your domain name is unique to you and is usually a part of the website. For instance, ‘bellanaija’ is the domain name in www.bellanaija.com
  4. Hosting: This is the storage center that makes your website accessible to web users at all times. You can either choose to self-host or a web hosting provider.
  5. Features: Now that you’ve got all the technical stuff done, the last but not the least is choosing a theme as well as your preferred layout. Here, you want to make sure that whatever features you’re adding to your site is acceptable for your users. For instance, if your target audience is likely to visit your website on their mobile phones, then, you must ensure that the site is optimized for mobile devices. Also, this is where fonts, colorsigifig and ad sizes come in.

In any event, we’re sure that building a website is no tough job. All thanks to the user-friendly content management systems available today. Feel free to choose whatever you want. Have fun while building your website. Show it to friends and family; ask for their advice as well. And of course, prepare your content, avoid errors and test before launching.

However, don’t forget the journey to having your dream website is a gradual process. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

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